In support of Technology and Science

"There are no problems... there are only solutions to problems"

We welcome and support Research and Development in Keratoconus, through technology and science. We have a proven track record for this. KC Global has been established to promote and develop a new generation of clinician, scientist, and medical professionals by:

  • Supporting education on cutting-edge future topics
  • Supporting innovative research programs
  • Creating opportunities for global exchange of ideas, and
  • Vision to provide the most accessible portal for new, young and experienced researchers seeking help from us for further study and future research in to Keratoconus technology and science.

As such, our approach is designed to promote the development of both independent and joint research ventures, with the aim to foster the development of leadership in new scientists, new medical professionals and new clinicians meeting the aims to better patient-care.
With our thoughts, we make the World
For patients average is not good enough, we want better health care, it is much needed in this the most common dystrophy (the serious form of astigmatism) of the front window of the eye (the cornea). As patients we have no bias, we want the best eye care which is available to us; and with the same token, as humanitarians - we are fighting to free disadvantaged Keratoconus patients on their behalf, from avoidable vision loss, isolation and neglect.
To engage with society to foster an informed climate within which Keratoconus research can flourish
There should be earlier detection and monitoring of Keratoconus, with the use of all the available technologies, because prevention is better than cure. There is a full range of options which exist for the patient and they should be made aware of them, from which the least invasive treatment option can be discussed and then evaluated. This is because the least invasive treatment option should always be tried first.
Medical Information, facts on invasive treatments (which has been widely used for a century and to this day), are side-lined and old working practices continued, when it is modernization which is needed. Keratoconus should be made less problematic now and always for the patient, as much as it can possibly be done, and in the least-est way possible. This can only be changed through education.
To get people out of the "medical loop"
These facts can be found in studies on traditional treatments being more invasive than what is absolutely necessary in this day and age. Treatments which are more invasive than is absolutely necessary are best avoided. This is because all the options can be discussed, tired after evaluation, and lined up against the most invasive of treatments, yet patients are not made aware of them. As a patient-driven alliance we think this is wrong and truly support raising awareness for research and development to better our health.
The comfort of better vision

Understanding the needs of Keratoconus patients who know about their own health care needs, is fundamental to this work to provide better health-care. As patients we know what is needed to improve the health-care which we receive, because we are the most important part of it. Therefore we are committed to supporting and promoting high-quality research to help us achieve this. 

Research is central to our mission, of securing and upholding the rights of disadvantaged Keratoconus patients from around the world. We assist vital research on Keratoconus, we influence its direction via the academic and research community, and we promote the effective dissemination of research findings that will have the greatest impact on policy and practice. 

Our policy research drives our campaigns and ensures that Keratoconus patients voices are heard. We are multi-centered, inclusive, and are involved the most with world-wide Keratoconus healthcare and its research. And through our special trust, we currently support some of the best and most needed research, which will improve our understanding of Keratoconus and in return eliminate Keratoconus as an health issue for patients.


We give awards to
those who have helped
Keratoconus Patients the most
A prestigious scientific award will be given to those whose breakthrough research helped our patient community. Currently we have awarded German scientists, professors and professionals for their remarkable contributions in their work and research in to Keratoconus.