The Future is in Sight

 We are the International Keratoconus Foundation,
Supporting Keratoconus Research, Education, Advocacy, and Service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate Keratoconus (KC) as a health issue. We attempt this through our Global Network which is totally patient-led. Our belief is that it is only through the open, free exchange of ideas that change can really be brought about. It is our hope that the support network will "take on a life of its own" and, therefore, be able to point us to the answers. Great strides have already been made by many of our members; you are most welcome to join the team.

Explore how we evolved from being the best to serve and protect in history to bring about the world's most sophisticated mission critical capabilities of the 21st century while never losing sight of what matters most - you.

Discover a new world of opportunity which has been created for those who can nimbly execute safety, quality and teamwork strategies wherever the potential presents itself. Our success is the focus of every patient as the only patient and is built upon the seamless integration of innovative people, processes and technologies that serve and protect vision as efficiently as possible across geographies.

If you sincerely care about helping patients succeed and working hard with the best and brightest people, we'll welcome you on-board. We're connected.


 In pursuit of excellence in Safety, Quality & Teamwork.

Mission Accomplished:

Our original mission was focused on reducing the need for young people with Keratoconus to undergo invasive surgical procedures such as traditional full thickness corneal transplants. This is where the cornea is replaced by donated corneal tissue (the graft) in its entirety (penetrating keratoplasty), and subsequently with it then being younger patients who are likely to need repeat transplants during their lifetimes, and also with such repeated grafts tending to exhibit shorter survival rates.

With long recovery times and having to live with the chance of rejection at any time, replacing total corneal tissue by transplantation was not an ideal solution, when a least invasive first strategy was possible for the chance for patients to live life as normally as possible.

This mission has now been accomplished; thanks to our network more patients are finding information on cornea-sparing treatments soon after they are diagnosed.

Our pursuit of excellence in Safety, Quality and Teamwork, as never seen before in the global Keratoconus patient community, led us to our finest hour when we made the impossible become possible - our members regaining visual freedom in a much more minimal and resourceful way. Through our research, education, and support for our fellow members, our mission was accomplished for everyone.

We have accomplished our original mission to reduce the prevalence of more invasive forms of "treatment" through education. We have entered an era of ever increasing adoption of alternative treatment methods (which we knew routinely about for many years before anyone else in the World) to avoid the need for more invasive procedures. This is a great achievement as this was our aim, and so our next mission is to eliminate Keratoconus as a health issue.
History and Legacy

Dating back to its origins more than a decade ago, when a progressive movement immersed in modern day Keratoconus Patient and Professional Research started converging together for first ever time in history, which continued to form the Global Keratoconus Foundation. A unifying alliance formation which since 2001 has been the response to there being absolutely no information or mis-information on the unprecedented eye condition which we really knew about called Keratoconus, and also due to not having no support available to make informed choices.

Since then, in a great variety of roles around the world, a wider International rescue is taking place on a Global-Scale, and with it comes a force for humanity and hope. Likewise, if you are skilled and passionate, we’d like to add your energy to ours.

At any given moment, on any given day, all around the world, our members are restlessly and effectively working for the sake of the most vulnerable among us - to restore and renew hope, dignity and freedom.

In 2004 this alliance which uniquely represents, serves and protects all those who come to its domain through a global force in fellowship mobilized to created - KC Freedom - to pool together every known fact about Keratoconus in to one place, so that we could “join up the dot’s” internationally. This was a great success as it increased our members (both patients and professionals) knowledge so we could tackle this Keratoconus menace together.

This helped members of the Society to be the first to get their vision back with the use of modern, technically advanced, less invasive treatment options by utilizing the support network we had created in the wake of this investigation.

Global Research and Investigative News

Systematic investigation to establish facts and principles, and to collect information on Keratoconus came from only our independent organization. It's where the strategy – the least invasive comes first – originates from with regards to treatment options. This vision strategy has become global, leading us to become a Standard Bearer in the Vision Community. This saved and restored, in the least way possible our members sight, and more than that, it also gave patients every where even more options than it could had ever have been imagined.

We have members who was the first to be out of the "Keratoconus hell" they where in after thoroughly researching every option they had for themselves; with them now having stable permanent vision through a least invasive way which they was comfortable with undertaking for their eyes. We have many who are now enjoying vision which they could not have dreamed about before, when before they met us they only had more invasive treatments to fall back on.

Our pioneering spirit helped to “explode” the interest in these much needed less invasive treatments. We turned it around whereby these treatments are now global, and also at the same time exposed the truth about Keratoconus.

Serving those who need us the most throughout the world to live with out the fear of the future, is what we do. From our efforts the organization operates, with the help of members, in over 120 countries, and with a Global Freedom Forum which has reached in the first year of establishment, views in excess of One Million.

We estimate there are in total more than 30 million known and unknown keratoconus patients in the world.

The Global Keratoconus Society is a unique global alliance of experts representing patients of all nationalities across all stages of vision and promoting patient-centered healthcare around the world. 

Our Scientific Governing Directive Constitutes from and are made of expert patients and professionals who where the first to put together the largest and most important research ever to be conducted for Keratoconus and its treatment, with there now being finally a treatment for Keratoconus when there was nothing before.

The end result to this net force being, 
our Society having the first to have members who have their vision back without the need for invasive traditional “treatments”, and the drawbacks with them which our members did not want.

Our members are International patients and professionals working at international, regional, national and local levels to represent and support the Keratoconus community to accomplish our mission.

Our achievements: Our International Networking Partners have contributed greatly to our Keratoconus community’s right to live with out fear for their vision. Through the teamwork of these partners our Society continues implementing Best Practices through out the world. These programs have been cited for their high-quality of care that produces consistent, positive and sustainable outcomes.


Keratoconus Freedom