The Combining of Therapeutic and Molecular Imaging Diagnostics

The Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials reveals that there are currently 72 clinical trials focused on Theranostics and their potential to enhance therapeutic management of various diseases globally.

These trials reflect the growing interest in utilizing Theranostics, which combines therapeutic and molecular imaging diagnostic components, to advance personalized medicine and improve clinical outcomes. 


Delivering life changing therapy to patients with Keratoconus

Regensight is the first Eye Healthcare company exploiting the benefit of this transformative technology to patients affected by chronic eye diseases, such as Keratoconus. 

The objective is to improve the existing standards for treating Keratoconus by adopting a more detailed evidence based medicine approach. There is an undying commitment to ensure that their therapeutic management techniques are backed by the furthest possible scientific research and studies, providing patients with the highest level of care and effectiveness.

Regensight is a new eye healthcare company exploiting proprietary Theranostics technology for incision free treatment of visual disorders.

Theranostics is their transformative medical solution, which is based on therapy guided by advanced imaging diagnostics for providing non-invasive correction of visual disorders.
The company's first medical product: C4V CHROMO4VIS, is a breakthrough medical device incorporating exponential and key-enabling technologies for corneal cross-linking.

Regensight are elevating the standard of care for Keratoconus treatment with unparalleled cutting edge technologies.


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